MOOCs: Another way of learning..

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Long before, someone has said,

I have forgotten what I studied, but I remember what I have learned.

We all attend college to study new things, but institute teaches what is decided in our
course and its syllabus, in many cases it is not enough if you want to learn and understand that subject properly. To understand it, you need to cross the boundary of your syllabus and academic curriculum.

You can also learn stuffs other than your department and grow your skill in your field of interest.

It can be stuff like real life application of the thing which learn or can other than our department.

With such a technological advancement, it would be lame to argue about not having proper resources.

The future is full of integrated knowledge. For that question is where we can get all such materials. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be a good option.MOOCs can help change your life and transform learning at your organization.

MOOCs provide affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, pursue lifelong interests and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. Whether you’re interested in learning for yourself, advancing your career or leveraging online courses to educate your workforce.


There are many profit/non-profit websites which are provided such course. Many universities of the world come together and provide knowledge.

Here some of it….

  1. Edx
  2. Coursera
  3. Khan academy

And many which you can know by visiting following site.

There are many courses available for computer student from basic to big data, for mechanical student courses like mechanic, FEA, smart-grid for electrical engineering student, and many more.

Many courses provide platform for discussion with different student of the world which are part of the course in which you enroll, even at the end of the course certificates are provided.

I suggest once access these websites find course in which you are interested…


  1. Wikipedia
  2. Benefits of MOOCs